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Francesco Branciamore

Composer, drummer.
He has studied with Tawny Biriaco, Andrea Centazzo, Pierre Favre, Tony Oxley. He has carried out the following years of activity:
1979 Date its income in the within of music jazz in the month of November to first REVIEW JAZZ CITTA' OF SIRACUSA.
1980 You open them review NEW Inferior Nocera TENDENCIES (KNOWS) October MESSINA JAZZ MEETING.
1981 March, Rome for coop. the Murales participates to festival the CREATED ones YOU Of the SOUTH.
1982 June, gains the prize to the memory of PEPITO PIGNATELLI, tenutosi SICILY YOUNG JAZZ to Bagheria (PA) organized from RAI 3, which better percussionista.

1986 You open them, participates to RAY MANTILLA PERCUSSION REUNION, for a production of the brass group of Palermo July, participates with its quartet to according to SICILY JAZZ the SUMMER villa Bellini Catania.
1987 concertistica Attivita' in several jazz club (Rome, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Milan).
1988 Incide its first disc like leader from the title it FLASH IN FOUR with C.Actis Given like guest, for the Splasc(h) records.
1989 Ago part like Co-leader of DECEMBER THIRTY JAZZ TRIO with to George Occhipinti, plan, Giuseppe Guarrella, contrabbasso.
1993 August, participates to SAINT VITO JAZZ FESTIVAL Palermo 1° edition October, participates to 1° FESTIVAL IBLEO Of the JAZZ "EUROPEAN SOUNDS From the MEDITERRANEAN" to Ragusa Ibla with the December Thirty Jazz trio.
1994 October, 2° FESTIVAL IBLEO Of the JAZZ in solo with the electronics plan and percussion "MELORITMOARMONICO".
1995 August, 3° festival ROUTES Of Famous CONTEMPORARY JAZZ (SR) with the D.T.J. trio December, 3° FESTIVAL IBLEO Of the JAZZ with "Alberomino" of S.Buccheri and musics of G.Occhipinti, special project of the review. To December it always composes musics for "SOUND REVELATION" of Vittorio Bellanich for SIRACUSA ART IN VIDEO.
1996 February, gains NATIONAL COMPETITION IGNAZIO SILONE ENSAMBLE Pescina Aquila June, participates in pair with Gianluigi Trovesi to EUROPE JAZZ FESTIVAL to Walnuts Bariums June, is artistic director of EXTRA review MOENIA MUSICS to Siracusa and August participates to you in pair with the pianista G.Occhipinti, participates with the D.T.J.trio to 2° IRPINIA JAZZ FESTIVAL to Lombardic S.Angelo of August, is artistic director of the CONTINUED HOUR review to Caltagirone (CT) together to the critic of art Ornella Fazzina and participates induo with G.Occhipinti August, participates like host in the orchestra of Mimmo Cafiero for SCENE PALERMO October, 4° FESTIVAL IBLEO Of the JAZZ directs TRADE Of UNION with Enrico Rava, Paul Rutherford, and it participates also to TRIBU' special project of the festival edited by G.Guarrella and G.Occhipinti.
1997 March, exits its CD in single MELORITMOARMONICO Caligola records March, review TWISTER edited by Gaetano Liguori Theatre Arsenal (ME) June, EUROPE JAZZ FESTIVAL WALNUTS, with HereoNonetto di G.Occhipinti June, wireless interview on its plan in single Meloritmoarmonico for 3 RADIOS Region edited by Roberto Alaimo July, FESTIVAL JAZZ CITTA' OF SIENA with TRADE Of UNION September, CONTRAINDICATIONS with To bau to qu, Rome November, concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Holland near ilprestigiosissimo BIM HUIS of Amsterdam, with the Hereo Nonetto di G.Occhipinti December, marked on the file culture of the SUN 24 HOURS, for Meloritmoarmonico like better production between the three better percussionisti entirety Gatto and Tiziano Tononi.
1998 May, host to Three Radios Suite for "the ROOM Of MUSIC" in one only performance May, auditorium Radio 2 with To bau to q quartet August, review SMALLER CURVE, Palermo, with the D.T.J.trio.
1999 January, participates to 11° AKUT JAZZ FESTIVAL of Mainz (Germany) with the G.Occhipinti Hereo Nonetto.
You open them, participates with l'Hereo Nonetto di G.Occhipinti to the International Festival Liegi and Bruges in Belgium.
Luglio/agosto, artistic director of "JAZZFEST-Music around you", Siracusa.
July takes part with its Nomadic Quartet to Acicastello festival (CT).
August, takes part with the D.T.j.trio to Cortale jazz festival (CZ), and is artistic director of "KOINE" & Art Palazzolo, Siracusa.
September, participates with the D.T.J.trio to the "sonorous Mazes" jazz festival.
December, artistic director of "JAZZMOVIE", Museum of the Cinema, (Siracusa).
March 2000, gains the prize Mazars Plate, competition indetto from the University Mouthfuls in Milan, for II the edition of fetsival "the Jazz In" with the plan in solo for live elettronics, on the topic "the jazz beyond 2000 - tradition and improvisation meet the technology"
March 2000, is artistic director of "EXTRA MOENIA MUSICS - international next music and Review jazz".
June 2000, published one from Caligola Records exits Francisco Branciamore TRADE Of UNION with P.Rutherford, M.Godard, G.Mazzon.
August 2000, Festival Jazz to Mulhouse, with the Hereo Tentetto di G.Occhipinti.
November 2000, Festival to Gimares, Portugal, with the tentetto of G.Occhipinti.

For the theatre
1984 May, composes musics for the Coefore di Aeschylus, final test of the students of the School of ancient theatre dell ' National Istituo of the Ancient Drama of Siracusa, for the direction of Mario Prosperi.
1987 May, author and executor of musics of Aiace di Ghiannis Ritsos.
1988 Compone and executes musics for TALENT of Tawny Tirri with and for the direction of Francisco Alderuccio.
1991 Partecipa to Spoleto to the collateral manifestation to the festival with Talent of B.Tirri with the scultorei participations of Born master Frascà.
1992/94 Teacher to Common the Teatrale Laboratory of Buccheri(SR) and author of musics of the tests of the students of the course.
1993 Compone and executes musics for ODISSEA To the SUPERMARKET with and for the direction of Antonietta Carbonetti to the second review of actor near the church of S. Giovannello in Siracusa.
1996 Author and executor in the LUPA of G.Verga for the direction of Aurelio Grimaldi for the Festival Verghiano to Vizzini (CT).
1998 Co-author and executor for the Malavoglia for the direction of Giovanni Anfuso for the Festival Verghiano to Acitrezza and Vizzini (CT).

For the cinema
1994 June, composes and executes musics from alive for films BLOND HATS (1919) and From the APPENNINES To ANDES (1920) commissioned from the Museum of the Cinema, Siracusa.
1999 September, composes and executes musics from the alive one for RED film GAROFANO, drawn from novel Vittorini a Helium, with G.Occhipinti and G.Guarrella.

1994 Cited with the December Thirty Jazz Trio on the PEGUIN GUIDES BOOK record international review edited by Cook.
1995 E' author of the Didactics book the PERCUSSION, MUSICAL EDUCATION RITMICA Ass.Cult.Pegaso edition, Siracusa.
1998 Interviewed on DRUM CLUB, specialized national salary, edited by G.Selini.

Lee Konitz, Evan Parker, Philips Bars, Ray Mantilla, Keith Tippet, JM. Monterà, Wim Mertens, Pierre Favre, Paul Rutherford, Michel Godard, Arkadi Schilkloper, Enrico Rava, I guide Mazzon, Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Intra, Eugene Columbus, Minafra Pine, Carl Given Actis, Gianni Gebbia, Mimmo Cafiero, Paul Fresu, Antonio Moncada, Gioconda Cilio, Stefano Maltese, Paul Damiani, Lauro Red, Alberto Mandarin, Renato Geremia, Enrico Fazio, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Roy Peace, Gaetano Liguori, Ekkeahard Jost, Tawny Tommaso, David Roar, Claudius Cusmano, In The From Tuscany One, Carl Cattano.

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