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Donny Dee

Donny's life began on a December morning in the city of Hazleton, Northeast Pennsylvania. He began his musical journey at the early age of five after seeing the legendary Buddy Rich on a television program. Seeing Buddy play planted the seeds in himthat would eventually bring him to be a powerful force behind the kit.
Playing the drums soon became second nature to him. In his teenage years he began playing in local groups in his home town performing covers from groups of that day-The Beatles, Cream, and Grand Funk Railroad to name a few. As his career progressed he began listening to progressive music-Genesis, Yes, ELP, Rush, Chic Corea, and many others.

Being completely self-taught, Donny possesses amazing rudimental and independent ability on the kit which he attributes to many "Painstaking" hours of practice. In his words, "I had to be able to play and read notation as good as the drummers I listened and looked up to ... and that required many painstaking hours of 'seemingly' boring practice routines.
Donny holds an A.A.S degree in broadcast communications specializing in audio and video production and he is actively involved in the Broadcast/Music Recording Department at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke Pennsylvania. He's also well versed in lighting and video production, live sound production and recording production.
The repertoire of music Donny has and continues to perform includes funk, rock, jazz-rock, classical rock, alternative rock, progressive rock/metal, R & B, Blues, Top 40, and the list goes on. He continues to perform in many musical situations both live and studio.

About his drumming career, he says, "I've experienced many great moments and I've also experienced times that made my hair stand up, but, in reality, it has, and continues to be, the most rewarding experience I've ever had."
Donny is an explosive, powerful, yet dynamic force behind the drum kit and he can hold any band down, providing a powerful, moving groove as well as all the intricacies of drumming itself.
Donny has performed with, engineered for, opened shows for, and performed in shows with groups such as Currently, Donny is performing live in his home area with "Veiled Exposure" a group he formed over the past year as well as doing some recording projects and special Progressive Rock projects.

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