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Dick Cully

Richard Cully was born on April 19th, 1949 in Manhattan, New York.Although presented with a toy drum set for Christmas at the age of eight months, he began his musical career at the age of 16 studying with James Rago,Julliard graduate in percussion, presently the timpanist with the Louisville Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Percussion at the University of Louisville. While still in high school, he formed a very popular quartet, (The Charades).He attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying with Alan Dawson and continued his studies with former "Tonight Show" drummer Ed Shaughnessy. His early career included performing a variety of musical styles: pop, rock, disco, jazz and country.
In 1982, he formed the DICK CULLY BIG BAND, a high energy, exciting unit performing a wide variety of arrangements for all age groups.In 1984, he became an artist/endorser for the world famous Slingerland Drum Company and was recognized as a "World Class Drummer" by the Pro-Mark Corporation of Houston, Texas, the worls largest manufacturer of drumsticks.

He has worked with numerous celebrities including: Toni Tennille, Sandy Duncan, Florence Henderson, Frank Gorshin, Patti Page, Nanette Fabray, band leaders Les Elgart, Ray Anthony, Buddy Morrow, Skitch Henderson, noted big band singer Connie Haines, pop star Bobby Rydell, TV personality Dennis James and comedians Foster Brooks and George Kirby.In 1989, the Dick Cully Big Band was chosen as "One of the best bands in the nation" by Down Beat magazine, the undisputed musical authority, and has been featured on PBS stations and numerous times on the Black Entertainment Network's "Jazz Discovery" television program.
Mr. Cully's legion of fans include numerous great drummers such as; Joe Morello, Louie Bellson, Vic Firth, Anton Fig, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Butch Miles, Roy Burns, Dennis Chambers, Ellis Tollin, Stanley Kaye, Dom Famularo, Herb Brochstein, Al Miller,Joe Ascione, Kenny Loomer, Jim Chapin, Donny Osborne Jr., Ronnie Benedict, Harry Cangany Jr., Dave Mancini, Ron Spagnardi and Ed Shaughnessy. Percussion manufacturers including; Stingray, Zildjian, Remo Percussion Products, Vic Firth Drumsticks as well as the National Drum Association and the International Buddy Rich Fan Club have applauded his talent. Mr. Cully is a recognized teacher and clinician whose articles have been published in Modern Drummer and Percussive Notes Magazines and is the author of Instructional Drum Videos "THE WORKOUT" and "Secrets of the Worls Greatest Drummer" and "More Secrets of the World's Greatest Drummer", which are in-depth analysis of the late Buddy Rich on VHS and are available for purchase through the address below.

Mr. Cully currently leads and performs with the very popular SWING MACHINE BIG BAND and is also the director of The International Big Band Jazz Café Society,a 501 C 3 non-profit organization whose function is to preserve big band, jazz and swing music, an American art form for future generations.

"SECRETS OF THE WORLS GREATEST DRUMMER" AND "MORE SECRETS OF THE WORLS GREATEST DRUMMER" are in-depth analysis of the late Buddy Rich in two volumes on VHS-NTSC. Two hours in length each, topics covered include: set up, posture, grip, technique, licks, patterns and solos. Hosted by DICK CULLY, these videos have been endorsed by the International Buddy Rich Fan Club and the National Drum Association. " A tremendous talent - a credit to the drumming community." Dennis Chambers; "Phenomenal player," Vic Firth; "Bravo!," Anton Fig; "Fantastic Technique," Louie Bellson; "Great," Joe Morello; "Great chops - sounds like Buddy, Ed Shaughnessy, Donny Osborne Jr., Duffy Jackson, Al Miller, Roy Burns, Stanley Kay, Harry Cangany, Jr., Butch Miles, Armand Ziljian, Ronnie Benedict, Dom Famularo, Jim Chapin, Ellis Tollin, Dave Mancini, Ron Spagnardi, Kenny Loomer, Frankie White, Jimmy Ford, Randy Caputo, Joe Ascione, Joel Spencer, Steve Smith, Herb Brochstein...

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