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Derek "Redfootz" Freeman

Derek "Redfootz" Freeman was born in Washington, DC. Redfootz, a name given to him early in his professional career, exhibited a genuine interest in music at the tender age of 4. He attributes his introduction to music to his older brother and one of his brother's good friends, Tony Thomas-a notable drummer himself, having played with musical acts such as: George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars, Otis Redding, Tyrone Brunson, and Jean Carne.

He has cultivated his interest through self-teaching, private instruction, and various schools of higher education. Seeing others do well encourages him to progress and stimulates his competitive energy. In addition, he reflects on musicians whom he admires for inspiration: (drummers) Dennis Chambers, Lenny White, Ricky Wellman, JuJu House, Omar Hakim, and a few others.
Redfootz has not limited himself to just playing the drums. He has allowed his horizons to broaden into other areas of music and various instruments. He has a wide array of musical interests from piano to music production. His reverence for music will not allow for boundaries when it comes to music genre. He enjoys playing and listening to Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, Go-Go, and Latin Jazz.

Redfootz's pursuit began as a childhood activity and has blossomed into a life-long endeavor. Which continues to thrive through self-motivated ambition. He started out by playing for family members, at weddings, and then at local clubs.

He was co-founder of the Jazz-fusion and R&B group Citilites. The capacity in which he worked was multi-faceted--he was co-producer, arranger, and drummer. The public exposure received through his work with Citilites, opened the door to meeting different musicians and provided a stepping stone to more prosperous career moves. It enabled him to work more independently and to pursue other significant interests. His experience with Citilites stands out the most; thus far, in his career because it was the first time he participated in the entire recording process. His association with Citilites climaxed with the production and release of their CD entitled "Who's Up Next".

Now you can find him holding beats at some of Washington, DC's hottest social spots at least once a week with Suttle Thoughts. Suttle Thoughts is mainly a Jazz-fusion and R&B band but they also generally play a local Washington, DC style of music called "Go-Go". His pocket playing and drum roll fills are certainly evident in his weekly gigs and on Suttle Thoughts' self-titled CD. Since joining this band, he has been afforded the opportunity to share the stage with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Mya, Chico Debarge, and Tonya Blount as well as many other talents.

He continues to be receptive to lucrative business opportunities with respect to music. He is consistently practicing to perfect his skills and researching to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and newer equipment in music. He professes to have a positive outlook on the music industry as a whole; specifically on the consensus of music makers to revert to incorporating band musicianship or fusing both that and electronic equipment.

Redfootz has equipped himself with limitless paths. He is an exceptional musician but an intellect as well. He is undoubtedly following his dream of being a successful musician but could elect to solely pursue a career in Computer Information Systems as well. He received his Bachelor of Science from Bowie State University in December 2001.

For some, music is a job but he perceives it as a hobby and an outlet. This allows for his generous attitude with regard to music education and training. That is, he would invite the opportunity to give back what he has learned by teaching the youth. His hard work, determination, and perseverance will lead to nothing but the best opportunities that life has to offer. He has never settled for less than his best and this is truly evident in his remarkable performances and exemplary work. He is in the forefront of the up-and-coming musicians and will definitely leave his mark in the industry.

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