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Deen Castronovo

What Hendrix, VanHalen and Ywngwie were to modern guitar Deen is to drums. His over the top bombastic bass drum flurries soon made Deen the 16 YR OLD wonder kid as his band at the time. The Enemy went out as the opening act in front of Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat. Upon seeing an ad on TV for The Enemy, Kip Doran,(Evil Genius) Matt McCourt and Ja Reynolds (Malice ) went to see Deen at a local nightclub. "he was playin double bass in parts of Shoot, Shoot the UFO song, that actually made me like that song." remembers McCourt. I was really into drummers especially Billy Cobham and Neil Peart and here is this (then) Overweight kid takin up the whole stage playing and singing, the others in the band had to stand on the dance floor because his kit was so big.

Kay, Deen's Mo, was his managing agent and she was determined to see her kid succeed, it was Kay who made the BOC/FOGHAT tour deal and was instrumental in backing the Wild Dogs, donating 15,000 dollars for staging, special effects, costumes, an more gear. After Making contact with Deeno, Jay ,Matt, and Kip recorded the first Malice demo it was 1982 and the NWOBHM had just begun, Brian Slagle started Metal Blade records and published a magazine. Mike Varney started Shrapnel and the indie record phenomenom was born.
Following Pete Holmes (and Jaime St James (Black-n-Blue) Deen joined the Wild Dogs who were starting to gain a global following after the release of U.S..METAL VOL2 on Shrapnel records. Shortly after Deen Joined the Dogs they hit the road, first stop was San Francisco where the group performed with Seattle's Culprit at the Stone. Parts were taped for an MTV segment on Varney which the Wild dsogs were featured. That was the begininning. Since the wild dogs 1st album Deen has played on a staggering number of releases (as soon as available we will post a discography.)Castronovo has gone on to back many arena acts including Bad English,Ozzy Osbourne( from which he was relieved of duty for an as yet undetermined reason.. the official press release was that Ozzy claimed "Athough Deen is a fantastic studio musician and is better suited to that than live performance"- and anybody who has ever seen him would attest that not only is his mastery of the craft obvious, his sense of showmanship is extremely high. juggling 4 sticks at once while his feet do the dizzy dance. Currently he is with Journey

In the same year he continues composing and in May of 2000 he ends his last work titled "Sounds Lands".

In 2001 he also collaborates with singer "Julie P." musical project.

In March 2002 he collaborates with the guitarist Max Alviti realizing some sonorizzations for the RAI Television TV show "Linea Blu".

In February 2003he participated as drummer and percussionist to the recordings of the last record job "From Bilbao To Bombay" of the guitarist/composer Edoardo Bignozzi for the record label " Phorminx".

Actually, from some years ago, he privately teaches drums proposing his specific method about the "interpretation control", still composing new music passages.

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