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Claudio Canzano

Was born in Pescara on April 27, 1973. Grown in family of drummers, he started playing drums when he was 6. At 11 he classified 3rd in the DISMA MUSIC SHOW, and 2nd two years later .

At 15 he started his studies with Master Roberto Polito (Tourman for the Italian TV RAI and current drummer of singer Riccardo Cocciante band). In the following five years he played in several tournees and TV shows, until he has been called for the military service where he played for the Brig. Mec. Gorizia orchestra.

Right at the end of the military service he started specializing in the use of afro-cuban and brasilian percussions and attended a training session for latin drum set with Master Daniel Rodriguez.

Later on, he attend an individual course with Master Giovanni Hidalgo.

He also played with several pop, ethnic and acid-jazz bands in some of the most important European clubs (100 Club London, Sky Club Switzerland, Mamas Club Ravenna, Milwaukee Milano, Heineken Tour, Dover St. Club London, Jux Tap La Spezia, Naima Jazz Club Forl, Barfly Ancona, Puerto Alegre Milano).
Approaching to the world of jazz, he had many experiences with famous Italian artists like Garrison Fewell, Kyle Gregory, Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Italo De Angelis, Paolo Innarella, Paolo Di Sabatino, Massimo Manzi, Marcello Sebastiani, Renzo Ruggeri, Luca Bulgarelli, Marco Collazzoni, Ellade Bandini, Bruno Erminero, Pietro Condorelli, Ada Montellanico, ecc.

Furthermore, he attended a jazz trio seminar with Michel Camilo, Anthony Jackson e Horacio el Negro Hernandez, where he was called to play congas with them.

He improved his percussions practice with the famous drummer/percussionist Alex Acuna.

After some time he recorder a latin jazz CD, under his name, with the co-operation of Paolo Di Sabatino.


Zeduardo Martins trio (samba - blues) - DRUMS AND PERCUSSIONS

Erminero-Collazzoni-Canzano trio (jazz organ style) DRUMS

Cristian Panetto group (jazz) - DRUMS

Art Percussion Group (etnica) - PERCUSSIONS




Scuola di percussioni C.P.E. - Pescara

Corso di percussioni scuola media statale De Lollis - Chieti

Seminari sui ritmi afro-cubani

Direttore artistico "Made in Italy" - Pescara

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