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Antonio Buonomo

Soloist, composer, and didact of international fame, professor of percussion in the conservatories of "N. Piccinni" of Bari, "S. Pietro a Majella" of Naples, "L. Annunzio" of Pescara, and "S. Cecilia" of Rome, Antonio Buonomo has been, among other things, tympanist soloist of various orchestras (among which that of "S. Carlo" of Naples and the "La Fenice" of Venice) and director of one of the first European groups made up of only percussion instruments.
His large number of compositions and transcriptions for percussion instruments, published by the main houses in this sector, include teaching materials, music for plays and television documentaries and have been executed on the occasion of important avant-garde musical happenings, television and radio programmes, public concerts in Italy and abroad.

Spazio Zero, Afrikania, The Marimba, Timpani, the video Percussion and drum school, Il Suono della Percussione, Born for the drum set, Akwadum (this work was highlighted by the jury of the national competition on composition for young people), La musica tra ritmo e creatività, The Battle of Jericho, are some of the most famous works which have contributed to the diffusion of the percussion instrument technique and music worldwide since 1965.
In 1983 he was a member of the ministerial board in charge of the preparation of the teaching programmes for the study of percussion instruments and special solfeggio in Conservatories.
During the Jubilee Year he was called by the Teatro dell'Opera of Rome, in the capacity of assistant orchestra director and musical consultant for the world premier of the "Missa Solemnis pro Jubileo," performed at the Coliseum on July 23, 2000. For years he has been promoting an alternative music, based on the use of integral (not tempered) sounds and the development of an advanced methodology appreciated also overseas; in his school he has been the teacher of many successful percussionists, today soloists in important musical bodies and teachers in the main Italian conservatories.
Presently he is president of the Italian school of percussion instruments (SISP) and collaborates with musical magazines and periodicals, writing reviews and columns dedicated to contemporary music and to the didactics for percussion instruments.

In the same year he continues composing and in May of 2000 he ends his last work titled "Sounds Lands".

In 2001 he also collaborates with singer "Julie P." musical project.

In March 2002 he collaborates with the guitarist Max Alviti realizing some sonorizzations for the RAI Television TV show "Linea Blu".

In February 2003he participated as drummer and percussionist to the recordings of the last record job "From Bilbao To Bombay" of the guitarist/composer Edoardo Bignozzi for the record label " Phorminx".

Actually, from some years ago, he privately teaches drums proposing his specific method about the "interpretation control", still composing new music passages.

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