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Anthon Cerabino

Anthony Cerabino received a bachelor of music at the University of North Texas 83'. Upon receiving his degree, Anthony had achieved his goal to play in the world renowned One O'clock Jazz Band. Upon graduation, Anthony became an adjunct faculty member for three years at North Texas. He taught private drumset lessons. He also instructed and created a percussion class on Afro- Cuban, Afro-Brazilian rhythms and several Latin American rhythms. In addition, Anthony wrote two method books, "Latin Drumset Adaptations" and Drumset Essentials" which was required text by North Texas State and for several other colleges .

While living in the Dallas metro area, Anthony has performed and or toured with many of the great local artists and bands which include: The Dallas Brass ( brass quintet), The Dallas Jazz Orchestra , Shelly Carroll, Carlos Guedes (Jazz Harpists), Dave Alexander, Vicho Vinchencio, John Adams, Joe Vincelli, Drew Phelps and the Pete Peterson Big Band. Anthony was an active studio musician at the Dallas Sound Lab. Local show work included household names such as Ben Vereen, Bo Diddley, Leslie Gore, Brenda Byers, Bob Hope, Roger Williams, and Freda Payne.
In an attempt to broaden his musical palette, Anthony moved to New York City where he was recommended to play with the trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson. " Touring with Maynard was a long time goal accomplished with the right recommendations and skill required to cut the gig.

Remaining in New York for eight years Anthony worked and toured with several original projects including the Mike Frost Band and recorded several CD's under lesser known acts.

"Becoming a multi-stylists in music has kept me working all these years."

Anthony received a call from the nostalgic Glenn Miller Band to tour the US. In addition, the Larry Elgart and the Bob Wilbur/Benny Goodman Tribute Band also rendered Anthony's big band drumming skills.

Performing and living in China for two months with the Orlando Jazz Ensemble has given Anthony some valuable cultural experience.

Anthony has toured with Barnum's Kaleidoscape which is Ringlings Brothers version of a modern Cirque. "It is performance art at it's best with a Live Orchestra."

Anthony also became interested in Oriental Medicine and received a massage therapy license from New York College and is persuing a Masters of Science Degree in Acupuncture from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City.

Anthony is as passionate about his hobbies as his career. Mountaineering for the past fifteen years all over the US and Canada has been an active past-time. Anthony enjoys photography and staying fit by practicing yoga, running and meditation regularly.

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