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Alex Barberis

Alex Barberis borns in Rome 18th November 1966, he begins studying drums from 16y age, with two teachers: Mario Paliano from "Testaccio Popular Music School", and Gianni Di Renzo from "Timba Percussions Center".

In 1990 the studies continues in the "Timba Percussions Center" with the teachers, Alberto Danna, Beppe Gianpietro and Horacio (El Negro) Hernandez.

He starts also playing in concert with some groups from Rome: the brazilian music group "Bamba Brasil" and the senegalese music group "Africa Sai Sai"; in the first months of 1992 it participates in the CD recording "Tengo Miedo" for the "Cacao Meravigliao" group.

Still in 1992 he starts his collaboration with the singer-songwriter Stefano Sabelli, with him he takes part to TV show "Caro Totò Ti Presento", conducted by Renzo Arbore for "RAIUNO" television. In the same year he also plays with the dance singer Moses.

From 1989 to 1995 it manages some recording studios in Rome.
With the keyboard player Paolo Macinanti, he researches for new sonorities through the Contemporary Classical Music and to the Contemporary Jazz, taking you sprout from the guitarist Bill Frisell and from the keyboard player Lyle Mays.

In 1993 he joins the world music group Maximum Available Gain leaded by the guitarist and composer Max Alviti.

In 1994 he has a brief experience studying with the American musician Buddy Miles and the guitarist Alex Britti.

In 1995 he participates in the American drummer seminar Danny Gottlieb, the one that inspired his way of playing drums.

Always in 1995 as drummer enters the new age-fusion group Symposium.

In the first months of 1998 he has an experience studying with the Hip-Hop group "Traccia Mista".

In September of 1998 it plays with the pianist-composer Umberto Sangiovanni for the international New Age festival "Le Altre Musiche" in "Orta S.Giulio" (Piemonte - Italy).

After two years of personal studies searching for ethnic sounds of his own Country and other parts of the World, in 1998, with his in house midi-computer studio, he self-realizes his first World Music CD "Awakenings".

In 1999, with the keyboard player Paolo Macinanti records in his own studio three improvisation passages from which he creates a mini CD titled "Colors", which is used in the theatrical representation of the Opera "Medea", directed by Antonella Perconte, in the Theater "Teatro D'Oggi" in Rome.

In the same year he continues composing and in May of 2000 he ends his last work titled "Sounds Lands".

In 2001 he also collaborates with singer "Julie P." musical project.

In March 2002 he collaborates with the guitarist Max Alviti realizing some sonorizzations for the RAI Television TV show "Linea Blu".

In February 2003he participated as drummer and percussionist to the recordings of the last record job "From Bilbao To Bombay" of the guitarist/composer Edoardo Bignozzi for the record label " Phorminx".

Actually, from some years ago, he privately teaches drums proposing his specific method about the "interpretation control", still composing new music passages.

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