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Alessandro Fabbri

Lives in Italy, Italy Jazz drummer, arranger and composer. In 1987 begins studying arrangiament with Bruno Tommaso and, later, with Giancarlo Gazzani. Then he approaches classical composition. He regulary writes and arrange for the groups he plays with. From 1984 he plays in different italian Big Bands.

Since 1983 he has been writing and arranging for some of the groups which he works with. He was finalist in "Scrivere in Jazz", a competition for big band arrangers held in Sassari, Sadegna, Italy in 1992 and in 1994. In 1998 he won first prize in the "Barga Jazz" : a competition for original compositions.

In 1992 he begins to direct and arrange for the "Duke of Abruzzi student Big Band".
In 1999 composes original music for Moliere's play "Monsieur du Pourceagnac" (produced by Andrea Mugnai)

"STREAMS" (Tiziana Ghiglioni sextet, 1984, SPLASC(H) Records)

"BARGA JAZZ" (Barga Jazz big band conducted by Mo Bruno Tommaso, 1986, Piras s.a.s.)

"BARGA JAZZ 2'" conducted by Mo Bruno Tommaso,1987,SPLASC(H) Records)

"BOBERA" (Libens quintet, 1988, Phrases-Clac records)

"IF SIX WAS NINE", "the music of Jimi Hendrix for jazz ensemble" (SPLASCH records CDH 376.2, 1992)

"OZIO" (Libens quintet with Jean "toots" Thielemans; Via Veneto Jazz records VVJ004, 1994)

"BATTISTI" with Tiziana Ghiglioni ( Philology) W133.2 1998

"IF SIX WAS NINE" "allegro andante con testo a fronte" Splasc(h) records CDH 663.2 1998

"A taste of Cannonball" - Alkaline Jazz trio guest artist Mike Turk (armonica) Organic music ORGM 9708 1999

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