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72 years old
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
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INSTRUMENT PLAYED: Drums and Percussion
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Golf, writing, archeology, history, the study of religions and philosophies.

I enjoy movies with complex plot twists and interesting characters.

That's a wide open topic. I’ve played in High School marching band, concert band, stage band, and orchestra; College Bands; and the various roles of Army Bands. Professionally, I've played symphony, jazz, pop, rock, country, gospel, and studio work. For my way of thinking, there are only TWO kinds of music.....music that I find interesting.....and the music that I don't find interesting.

There are several people who have played such a major role in my personal musical journey. I have tremendous respect for them and their musical talents. In no particular order they are:

TERRY "FATBACK" BURNSIDE (Composer and Sax great)

HOLLIE FARRIS (Composer, Arranger & Trumpet great)

TOMMY "CANNONBALL" SLATE (A fantatic Blues Singer and dear friend who taught me to love R&B and Blue-eyed Soul)

BILL CONN (My Best Man and also so rock solid on Keyboards, Sax, Vocals, and he's a great writer)

DAN BOONE (R&B Guitar great. He started the Fairlanes Band and hired me in 1967)

RON "SNAKE" REYNOLDS (Producer, Writer, Guitarist. He taught me so much about music)

HERMAN DEPRIEST (The Ultimate Keyboard Wizzard)

DAVID MARTIN (The Best Guitarist to ever pick up a pick)

BILL GRAVES (Incredible vocalist and one of my golf buddies.)

DR. JOHN DUKE (My Teacher and Mentor in high school. He hipped me to jazz and big band music and he always encouraged me to pursue my musical apirations. The coolest man in my life as a kid in high school.)

TOM VANATTA (A Dynamic Entertainer, leader of the Original Chessmen and another one of my golf buddies.)

MIKE FOX (Dear friend, Multi-instrumentalist and Singer)

LARRIE LONDIN (Great Nashville drumming pioneer with a big sound, a big foot and a big heart)

BUDDY HARMAN (He is the MAN who paved the way for drummers in Nashville)

KENNETH BUTTREY (Nashville Session great)

KENNY MALONE (U.S. Navy School of Music, Drummer, Nashville Session Great, and Producer)

JOE MEADOR (Guitarist, Singer, Writer, Producer)

SCOTT NELSON (An amazing musician and keyboard artist, originally from St. Joseph, MO)

Musically I can enjoy just about any style. I am impressed by characteristics such as an interesting melody, catchy rhythms, tasty textures, unique thought-provoking lyrics, rich chord structures, and a cool groove. Basically I like tunes with something that makes a unique musical statement.

I certainly appreciate the skill and artistry involved in making a studio recording. Now there's nothing wrong with edits for studio recordings, that's simply part of the recording industry expectations. I know that re-takes and edits are done to produce the best possible performances.

However, "live" concert recordings are the ones that really do it for me. I consider them to be the truest test of musicianship. I love the honesty of those live in-concert recordings.

For performance inspiration, I most often listen to recordings by Michael MacDonald, Steely Dan, Toto, Styx, Tower of Power, Rippingtons, George Duke, Bob James, Four Play, late 60's and 70's R&B, Dave Weckl Group, Led Zeppelin, Tom Scott and the LA Express, Weather Report, Dave Matthews Band, Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton and Count Basie.

The ultimate inspiration is a video of live performances where the players are nailing it.

For enjoyment, I enjoy history and non-fiction, as well as, the fictional books written by Robert Lundrum, Michael Creighton and Dan Brown. I read a lot of literature for inspiration for searching for new metaphors and ideas for songs.

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New Drummers Corner, Jazz and More, Double bass group

Cool music. Originality. Honesty. Beauty. Curves.

Plus, watching the bad guys crash and burn.

Liars...including people who deliberately mislead you with innuendo.

Crooked politicians, thugs and the guys who can't keep their pants up when they walk.

I am proud to be the Moderator of Drum Solo Artist Forum, and also to be recognized on the list of established professional drummers.




THE BLOGS (Just click on BLOGS)
These are music related articles that I have posted here to share with everyone.

When you click on the "GALLERY" block above, you will find several photos that were taken over the years. When you view them, if you will CLICK on the actual PICTURE....it will enlarge it....and I've likely added some explanatory comments in the box below the picture.

I am honored to be a recognized artist of the Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society. Nashville is probably best known for Country and Gospel music, but we do have a very active Jazz and Blues scene too.


Ken Sanders grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and started his path as a musical performer when he was three years old and sang “Goodnight Irene” on the WMAK radio program “Breakfast at the Maxwell House”. Ken started studying piano and was soon playing melodies he heard on the radio. Although his parents would insist that he practice his piano assignments first, they would allow him to play and sing tunes he heard. By the time he was eight, he was getting recognition for his strong voice, he also began singing on a Saturday afternoon WSM radio show “Opry Spotlight”, where his older sister had been performing also. It was there he met many Grand Ole Opry stars of that era; Lonzo and Oscar, Jim Reeves, Cowboy Copas, Ernest Tubb, The Wilburn Brothers, Flat and Scruggs, and Hawkshaw Hawkins.

Ken continued to perform in talent shows and at civic functions during his school years and also learned to play guitar. The music programs in the Nashville Public Schools did not have piano or guitar studies in those days, so Ken decided to learn drums so he could play in the school bands. He learned quickly and beginning in his freshman year, he placed first in the All-Star Band and the All-State Band try-outs. With that recognition he was invited to begin performing with the Peabody College percussion Ensemble, even though he was still in high school.

By 1962, Ken was singing and playing guitar and piano with various teen rock and roll combos in Nashville. Then, at age 14, something happened that changed Ken’s life forever. In 1963, a local band, composed of adult musicians, needed a drummer to perform on dance gigs and local television shows. The band leader knew that Ken played drums in the school band so he asked Ken’s parents if they would let him get a drum set and play with their band. After some conditions from his parents, they agreed and that started Ken’s career as a professional drummer. He used his performances earnings to pay for his first very drum set before he could even drive a car.

Ken earned a BS and an MBA paid for with his music performance earnings and some music scholarships. During those years, Ken became more accomplished as a drummer and vocalist, and he went through a steady progression of “moving up the food chain” into better and more successful Nashville bands. By 1967, Ken had landed the drum chair in Nashville’s most popular pop/R&B band of that era, the Fairlanes led by guitarist Dan Boone.

Adding to this experience was his opportunity to do some jingles and demo work at Audio Media Studios on drums, backing vocals and even an occasional guitar or keyboard part. He recalls that he had the good fortune to meet and jam with some very interesting musicians who were hanging out in Nashville back then. They included Duane and Greg, members of a club circuit band called the Allman Joys (the early Allman Brothers), and a left-handed black blues guitarist (with straightened black hair and a dyed blonde streak down the middle!) named Jimmy (later changed to Jimi) Hendrix.

The Fairlanes played all the major gigs in the Nashville area, frequently adding vocalist Robert Knight ("Everlasting Love") to their shows. The Fairlanes also backed up other touring vocal artists who played Nashville (such as Clifford Currey, "She Shot A Hole in My Soul"). The Fairlanes were certainly the hot, tight, in demand band of the day in the Nashville area and were chosen to be the “house band” for the first Mid South Pop Festival (an early forerunner of later outdoor rock festivals). They performed with some of the popular artists of the day including Charlie McCoy, Arthur Connolly (“Sweet Soul Music”), Bobby Goldsboro (“Little Things”, “Honey”), Grand Funk Railroad, Bubble Puppy, Joe South (“Oh the Games People Play”, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”), and Tony Joe White (“Polk Salad Annie”).

In 1970, left Nashville for active duty with the United States Army, and ended up serving his tour in the 129th Army Band. Ken also got a chance to study jazz concepts at the Navy School of Music at Little Creek, VA.

When Ken retuned to Nashville, he went right back to live performing with his old musical colleagues. He continued performing as a drummer/lead singer and in 1981, Ken released "Something You Got" on Chestnut Hill Records. Ken continued to play Fairlanes gigs, as well as engagements and shows in and around Nashville; the bills included Brenda Lee, Buddy Spicer, Art Garfunkle, Eddie Rabbitt, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dobie Gray (“I’m in with the In Crowd”, "Drift Away”, “Loving Arms”), Bruce Channel (“Hey Baby”), and Mark Denning (“Teen Angel”).

With an established reputation as a vocalist/drummer/band leader, Ken has been with several other musical line-ups doing shows with The Drifters, The Platters, Percy Sledge, The Box Tops, Rufus Thomas, The Casinos (“Then You Can Tell Me Good-bye”), Charlie Daniels, Ronnie McDowell, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Kentucky Headhunters, The Kimballs, The Glass Hammer (“I Don’t Wanna Make You Love Me”), Eddie Rabbitt, and The Original Chessmen. He has also traveled with the Memories of Conway Twitty Show. In 2006, he was honored to be included as an instrumental/vocal artist for a series of festival performances in Costa Rica with the show and dance group representing Tennessee’s musical heritage.

Today, Ken performs with KEN SANDERS AND RETROSPECT, a class rock act; and with the Sanders-Nelson trio doing jazz and pop.In Nashville, Ken also enjoys performing on drums occassionally with the Jazz Alliance,an 18 piece ensemble that performs of Big Band Jazz.

You can contact personally Ken at: kennethwsanders@att.net

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From: tdcdrums
01/31/2012 07:58:56

KenSanders wrote:
Welcome to Drum Solo Artist Dot Com!

Thanks Ken!! Now all I have to do is get going on my page!!
Have an excellent day!!

From: darwin
12/04/2009 01:12:26

thats what i thought

From: vista1868
11/25/2009 01:55:47

From: JRT1
03/30/2009 17:47:53

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the reply to my replay.  There are some shop's that have Onyx displayed.  I know that Fork's should as well GC.  Great comment though.

PLease feel free to contact me.




From: kinsall
01/30/2009 21:03:08

Iwent to the Play it again jam and talked to Gary Alen. They have one every month and post pics and U-tube videos, cool to meet some different players.

From: kinsall
12/29/2008 10:24:29

Do you still have any of the DW kits? The Yamahas look great just my color. I just got started on this, but I put a pic of you on my sight at Howard H Chili Bash with Jim Br.Bobby Br.Butch W.

From: kinsall
12/28/2008 14:16:09

Ken, how are you. I haven't kept up since Key Largo. You have a great page pictures and all kits. If you read this today on Sunday 28th. Gary Allen is hosting a jam at Windows OFF the Cumberland 515 2nd Ave.S at 4:00 cmon down should be fun!

From: thandag1973
05/02/2008 02:06:56
gdam, Hi, iv just fuond this site and become a member. I very glad that iv found your forum expecting that later you can give me tips in drummer coz im the one who teach my nephew (7 yrs old boy). I have play drums since high school but not as pro as you coz my major instrument is keyboard in fact im the keyboardist our church and at the same time music director. Anything that you can help me, just sent to my email add: thandag1973@yahoo.com.ph. Tnx in advance and Godbless, more power!

From: drumprophet
04/20/2008 18:55:55

hey ken like your new profile

From: Metalfinger
03/11/2008 18:28:15

Thank you for your input on the double bass group.
Im not always around to host or post, so I thank you for helping out with your knowledge and links. Very helpfull.

I recently got heads into tuning, something I think we've all neglected one time or another! haha

My 2007 Tama Superstars sound like thunder again!!
recent changes to my pedals also. Ive taken off the weights and loosend off the spring. Ive been in practise mode with the weights on for months now, just took them off and WOW! 


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