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-Looking For Drummer In Modesto Area Mike (Lead Vocals) Andrew (Rythm Guitar) John (Lead Guitar) We Just Started And Have Some Songs Done We Really Need A Drummer We Play Any Type Of Rock As Long As The Drummer Knows The Basic I Mike Am A Heavy Metal Guy But The Band Is More Alternative We Can Only Promise Fortune And Fame If Your Intersted Please Call (209) 681-5203 Or Email Us At MaryMayham@PopStar.Com We Were Influenced By The Rockers Before Us I Am Available Anytime -Mike (Vocals) A Little About Me Ive Been A Rocker All My Life Been In A Few Rock Bands. I am 19. My Guitarist Can Play Jimmy Hendrix Really Good We Just Like Jammin Nonstop If Its Its In Your Bloodstream Nothing Can Stop You.... Rock On (209) 681-5203 Mike Cell Or MaryMayham@PopStar.Com (Band's Email) Rockers For Life!!!!!!!!!! +====== Submit a Drummer to Drum Solo Artist! ====== 
 +You are welcome to submit your personal profile to Drum Solo Artist, in fact anyone can publish a profile of any interesting musician, or an entire band, upload pictures, flash and MP3 files. This is Drum Wiki and that means freedom for everybody! Anybody can submit and publish a new article or review and edit an existing one, and so on. 
 +===== Creating a New Page ===== 
 +=== Steps to Take: === 
 +  * 1) Decide what would be the [[categories|appropriate category]] **<- IMPORTANT** 
 +If you are submitting a drummers profile, the [[categories|appropriate category]] would be "drummers", for drum related articles the category would be "drum_articles", and so on. 
 +//Note that if you will submit an article to inappropriate category, your page will be Eventually moved to the appropriate category by one of our editors.// 
 +To find the list of categories go to this [[categories|page]]. 
 +  * 2) In the **Drum Wiki Search** Bar //(On the Bottom of your screen)// - type the name of the desired category **exactly as it is listed**, than colon and than the musicians or the band name, hit the search **Go** button. That will take you to your future, //empty// at the moment page. 
 +  * 3) Press "Create this page" button and submit your article text and media files. 
 +===== Text Formatting ===== 
 +You can apply different styles to the text, like different styles of headlines and font decorations. Details about the text formatting can be found at the [[syntax]] page. 
 +===== Add Your Name to the Drummers List ===== 
 +If you already have done a profile at Drum Solo Artist, don't forget to add your name to our [[drummers:list|unofficial drummers list]], you can [[wiki_manual:syntax#links|link]] to your profile from the [[drummers:list|list]]. 
 +===== Make it Interesting! ===== 
 +**The names of the most interesting drummers will be added to our [[http://www.drumsoloartist.com/Site/ExOrDrummers.html|Official Drummers List]].**

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