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-DARIN WATKINS- Drummer, Percussionist +====== Submit a Drummer to Drum Solo Artist! ====== 
- +You are welcome to submit your personal profile to Drum Solo Artist, in fact anyone can publish a profile of any interesting musician, or an entire band, upload pictures, flash and MP3 files. This is Drum Wiki and that means freedom for everybody! Anybody can submit and publish a new article or review and edit an existing one, and so on.
-Age- 30 +
- +
-Began playing drums at age 10. Started touring at the age of 15. Performed and or has recorded with, Vicci Martinez, Jude Bowerman, Junkyard Jane, The Fabulous Wailers, Jerry Miller (Mobey Grape), Martine Locke, Big Friction, Money Penny, Higher Vibes and many more. {{wiki_manual:darin_triple_door_3.jpg|}} +
- +
===== Creating a New Page ===== ===== Creating a New Page =====

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