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-My name is Bob Manning-I!ve been playing drums for about 50 years. through the years I!ve recorded in 7 different studios-(Century records-Different furs record company-Sierra sound record company-Fantasy record company-CBS record company-mercury record company and Coast record company) (commerical)-I played on the first gap commerical on raido.Three singles and the first Richard "dimples" Fields album".I played on concerts with-roger collins-yardbirds-(with jeff beck-jimmy page)-The Doors(with-jim morrison)-creedence clear water(with john fogerty)-Them-chocolate watchband-the standells-The Leaves-The mojo men-Bobby fuller four-beau bremmels-Eddie Money-and the tower of power,in fact I just did a concert with Tower of Power,with my own band sept 9 2007 at the saddle rack in Fermont ca.It was a 60s renioun concert.Also I backed up or played with-the SF.49er jazz band-Sal Carsons big jazz band-Tommy Narducci and the hustlers-When I attended Merrit college the jazz band which I played drums ,backed up Doc Severson-richard "dimples fields-vernon garrett-Bobby Freeman-marvin holmes-eugene blacknell-The Olympics- The winnington sisters-dick&dee-julie atkins-and manny more. +====== Submit a Drummer to Drum Solo Artist! ====== 
-also I!m a drum solo artist-I!ve performed hundreds of drum solos in my career.I will try to get one of them here on the internet,if I can figure out how to do it.      ====== Submit a Drummer to Drum Solo Artist! ====== +You are welcome to submit your personal profile to Drum Solo Artist, in fact anyone can publish a profile of any interesting musician, or an entire band, upload pictures, flash and MP3 files. This is Drum Wiki and that means freedom for everybody! Anybody can submit and publish a new article or review and edit an existing one, and so on.
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