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-**Xristo** - a drummer/percussionist with a background in +====== Submit a Drummer to Drum Solo Artist! ====== 
-jazz, blues, rock, alternative experimental drum bashing played first gigs in the mid 70's +You are welcome to submit your personal profile to Drum Solo Artist, in fact anyone can publish a profile of any interesting musician, or an entire band, upload pictures, flash and MP3 files. This is Drum Wiki and that means freedom for everybody! Anybody can submit and publish a new article or review and edit an existing one, and so on.
-Recordings and live performance - Gothic Farmyard, Delightfuls, Xtrobitz, etc.... +
-Session player for blues, rock bands and solo performers. +
-Used metal cans, blocks of wood, glass bottles and saucepan lids as part of kit. +
-Style involves bizarre timing and orchestration.  +
-Currently working on music project Xtrobitz.+
===== Creating a New Page ===== ===== Creating a New Page =====

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