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-Looking For Drummer In Modesto Area Mike (Lead Vocals) Andrew (Rythm Guitar) John (Lead Guitar) We Just Started And Have Some Songs Done We Really Need A Drummer We Play Any Type Of Rock As Long As The Drummer Knows The Basic I Mike Am A Heavy Metal Guy But The Band Is More Alternative We Can Only Promise Fortune And Fame If Your Intersted Please Call (209) 681-5203 Or Email Us At MaryMayham@PopStar.Com We Were Influenced By The Rockers Before Us I Am Available Anytime -Mike (Vocals) A Little About Me Ive Been A Rocker All My Life Been In A Few Rock Bands. I am 19. My Guitarist Can Play Jimmy Hendrix Really Good We Just Like Jammin Nonstop If Its Its In Your Bloodstream Nothing Can Stop You.... Rock On (209) 681-5203 Mike Cell Or MaryMayham@PopStar.Com (Band's Email) Rockers For Life!!!!!!!!!! +====== Submit an Article to Drum Solo Artist! ====== 
 +You are welcome to submit an **Educational** music related article to Drum Solo Artist, in fact anyone can publish any music related article, upload pictures, flash and MP3 files. This is Drum Wiki and that means freedom for everybody! Anybody can submit and publish a new article or review and edit an existing one, and so on. 
 +===== Creating a New Page ===== 
 +=== Steps to Take: === 
 +  * 1) Decide what would be the [[categories|appropriate category]] **<- IMPORTANT** 
 +If you are submitting a drummers profile, the [[categories|appropriate category]] would be "drummers", for drum related articles the category would be "drum_articles", and so on. 
 +//Note that if you will submit an article to inappropriate category, your page will be Eventually moved to the appropriate category by one of our editors.// 
 +To find the list of categories go to this [[categories|page]]. 
 +  * 2) In the **Drum Wiki Search** Bar //(On the Bottom of your screen)// - type the name of the desired category **exactly as it is listed**, than colon and than the name of your article, hit the search **Go** button. That will take you to your future, //empty// at the moment page, that will already be created in the category of your choice. 
 +  * 3) Press "Create this page" button and submit your article text and media files. 
 +===== Text Formatting ===== 
 +You can apply different styles to the text, like different styles of headlines and font decorations. Details about the text formatting can be found at the [[syntax]] page.

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