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-====== Daryl Hayott! ====== +====== Submit an Article to Drum Solo Artist! ====== 
- I've been asked from time to time why I play such a large set?. First you have to bare in mind that, I began as a session drummer. The set had to be capable of range. I played with R&B bands as well as rock groups. The transition was from finess and backbeats to power drumming. I appreciated the experience in the sense that there're are many cats that struggle with recording. Recording was usually acoustic sensitive and your skills had to be clean. +You are welcome to submit an **Educational** music related article to Drum Solo Artist, in fact anyone can publish any music related article, upload pictures, flash and MP3 files. This is Drum Wiki and that means freedom for everybody! Anybody can submit and publish a new article or review and edit an existing one, and so on.
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-  The premier cats were Billy Cobham ,Lenny White and on the Rock side the Picarro brothers,Danny Seraphine, Buddy Miles etc. In fact I remember even playing tubular drums. Back then a lot of drummers used double kick setups to give them more bottom. The custom of taking off drum heads and sticking in a mike was also prevelant. +
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-  Regardless of the setup you had to be clean in your strokes and aware of not overplaying. My set just morphed out of my work. So even though I play several instruments including percussion on some work, I keep the habit of range in my signature setup by keeping my table available for any genre I may be playing at that moment.+
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