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x_drummer90 - Drum Kit Setup

I use two kits depending on what i am doing- - I use a mapex pro m maple kit for anything rock or jazz, 12in rack, 14 and 16in floor toms, and a 22x16in kick. I use EVANS EC’2s on the toms, and a emad 4 on the kick. I use a 13×6.5 tama artwood snare on this kit as well as my tama. - The Tama RockStar is most used when i play anything metal, which is alot. Its a standard 5 piece, 12, 13,and 16in toms, 22x18in kick, and i added a 18in floor tom and a 10in mini timbali to this kit, as well as another bass drum that i am currently making the hardware simialr to the rockstars,(its from a swingstar). I use the same cymbals on both kits- - Hi-hats- 14in Avdeis New Beats, 15in Mastersound Z customs - Splashes- 8in a custom, 10in avedis, 10in zbt stacked over a 10in sabian b8 -Crashes- 17in avedis, 18in 1963 zildjian, 19in z custom medium, and 20in a custom crash. -Rides- 20in a custom ping, 22in Pasite 2002. -Chinas- 12, 14, 16, 18in Wuhan, 18in avedis china high -effects- 6.5 zil bel, 16in zxt transformer. LIVE SOUND i use a basic set of peavy mics for most, sennhisers for big gigs.

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