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wizardman18504 Drum Setup

my kit is made up of several drum brands. i use an8x8 and a 10×8 from a pearl fusion set, a12x11 and a14x13 from an old tama set as well as a 16×14 mapex. my bass is 20×20 gretsch. and my snare is a 69 14×6 slingerland. i use these for the sound they make together.now my cymbals i have a custom set 14.5” sabien hi hats,16”zil A mediumthin crash,17” zil A rock crash,2 20” projection crash 1 Acustom 1 Zcustom.22”zil Aride with rivets(all the way around but i only use two rivets),18”paiste china, 6”zil fast splsh, and a 14”paiste crash(real junk sound iof you ask me but i like it) my hard wear is all tama except the throne that is gibralter.i also use an iron cobra dbl bass pedal.

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