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waylon Drum Setup

Yamaha kit, Ludwig and Yamaha snares.

Snares: 6.5 Ludwig Classic Birch and Poplar, Yamaha, 5.5 Birch and Mahogany. Toms: 10, 12, 14, Birch and Mahogany. Kick: 22×17 Cymbals: 22 in. Zildjian hand hammered ride. 20 in. Sabian Pro dry ride, 14 in. Zildjian A crash, 16 in. Sabian hhx dark crash, 18 in.Paiste Alpha crash, 18 in. Sabian Xplosion/Evolution (Dave Weckl) crash. Pedals: Yamaha Fliyng Dragons: Single and double, Tama/Camco chain drive. Hardware: Mapex, PDP, Yamaha. Heads: Evans G2 coated on toms, Emad system on kick, Evans reverse power dot on snare. Sticks: Vic Firth signature Dave Weckl’s, Omar Hakim’s, Steve Gadd’s, Kenny Aronoff’s.

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