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stevestruss Drum Setup

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stevestruss Drum Kit Setup

Pearl Reference Series in Purple Craze Finish

20×16 Kick Drum 8×7 Tom 10×8 Tom 12×9 Tom 14×14 Floor Tom 16×16 Floor Tom 13×6.5 Matching Snare Drum


(All Sabian,Left to Right)

22” Hand Hammered Jazz Ride 14” HHXevoution China 07” HHXevoution Splash 13” HHXevoution Hi-Hats 16” Hand Hammered Sound Control Crash 17” AAXtreme Crash 10” HHX Splash 10” Hand Hammered Splash 18” AAXtreme Crash 21” Hand Hammered Raw Bell Dry Ride 16” HHXevoution O-Zone Crash 19” AA Metal-X Crash 13” Hand Hammered Hi-Hats 18” Signature John Blackwell JR. JIA Chinese 12” ICE BELL (On top of JIA) Wuhan 22” Gong

(Currently Not In Setup) 16” AAX Stage Crash (Cracked...ALOT) 16” HHXevoution Crash (Bent)

Road/Tour Kits

Sonor Delite Maple in Birdseye Amber w/Chrome Hardware

22×17 Kick Drum 10×8 Tom 12×9 Tom 16×16 Floor Tom 18×16 Floor Tom

Pearl Masters Studio BRX Birch Kit, #166 Black Sparkle w/ Chrome Hardware

22×18 Kick Drum 8×7 Tom 10×8 Tom 12×9 Tom 14×12 Hanging Floor Tom 16×13 Hanging Floor Tom

Yamaha DTX-Press III E-Kit

Snare Drums

Pearl MasterWorks Custom, Canary Yellow Lacquer, 13×5.5 Trick Custom Aluminum, Skull Sparkle, 14×6 Pearl Reference 20Ply (14M/6B), Purple Craze, 13×6.5 DW EDGE Maple/Brass, Curly Maple w/ 24K Hardware, 13×5 Pearl Signature Q-Popper Marc Quiones Snare/Timbale, Steel, 12×5 Pearl ELX Export, Amber Fade w/Black Hardware, 14×5


Pearl 4-Sided Icon Curved Rack w/20 Clamps Pearl Eliminator Hi-Hat/Single Pedal/Double Pedal Pearl BC-1000 and BC-2000 Stands/Arms, S-2000 Snare Pearl Cowbells, Jamblocks and Tamborines VicFirth 5A, 7AN or 2BN Sticks RocNSoc Nitro Throne w/ Backrest Mixed Heads

Recording Gear

Dell XPS P.C. running Windows Vista IBM ThinkPad running Windows XP Adobe Audition 2.0, Cubase SX4, Cubase LE and Reaper Softwear PreSonus FirePod 8pre-amp Multi-Track Interface Behringer 2442FX Xenex Mixer and Interface Yamaha 110W Monitor System AKG D112 Bass Drum/Bass Guitar Mic Sennheisner e604 Mic’s (3) Audix F-90, F-10, F-12 and F-15 Mic’s Shure SM57’s Monster Cables

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