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My Drum Rig

Early ninty’s yamaha stage custom in dark blue laquer finish
8” tom
10” tom
12” tom
13” tom
14” suspended floor tom
16” floor tom
(2) 22×17 kicks
Mapex Black Panther snare with gold hardware 12” , Tama Snare stand
(2) Zildjian 16” z custom crashes
17” Zildjian z custom crash
18” Zildjian z custom crash
19” Zildjian z custom crash
14” Zildjian zxt series high-hat, DW 5000 hat-hat hardware
13” Zildjian A Custom x hat
10” Zildjian A custom Splash
21” Zildjian A series projection Ride
Sometimes Wuhan china 14” ( depending on Job)
Pearl Double eliminator pedals Blue cog on right foot, red cog on left foot
5b or 2b sticks couple different brands
Pearl 501CE rack with RJ50 Extension and extra leg assembly
All Pearl clamps
Mixture of pearl and yamaha hardware.
Alesis D4 Drum module/ DDrum redshot triggers
Triggers used mainly on kicks, sometimes toms
Sure sm57 mic on snare
Peavey pv 8 small board for submix to main board
Puma speed cat shoes Black with white side emblem

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