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Stumpy Joe's Drum Setup

My kit is a Pearl Export EXR “Radical” kit (EXR 825HP in #430-Prizm Blue) with a mix and match of black and chrome hardware. All the shells are 6-ply (7.5mm) poplar, and I bought them basically because they were a very good deal.

Instead of the stock Pearl snare, I use my trusty “student model” Ludwig Supra-Phonic snare with Puresound 16-strand snares. I use a Tama Roadpro hi-hat stand with a drop-clutch. All my batter heads are Remo coated Ambassadors, excepting the bottom heads for the snare and bass (Aquarian Clear Thins), and the stock black “Pearl” front head on the bass drum.

I use an DW 9002 bass pedal that I have modified so that I can use the “slave” pedal as a “stand-alone” pedal on a set of practice pads. Nothing I play really requires the “double-bass on one drum” effect having them chained together would provide, but periodically I’ll chain them together and practice some double-bass on the pads.

For muffling I use a zero-ring on the snare, and a couple of moon gels on each drum. The kick drum has a blanket in it along with a felt strip across the batter head.

This image below an EXR435, so my kit is slightly different–my drum hardware is black, and the color of the finish is slightly different. In later EXR models, Pearl changed to a 16×16 floor tom with the three-leg spur floor stands...the specs I give for mine are correct and mount like the one in the picture on a stand. nullmuse Drum Kit Setup

  1. Bass Drum 22×18
  2. Tom 10×8
  3. Tom 12×9
  4. Tom 14×11
  5. Hi-hat 14” Zildjian Light
  6. Cymbal 20” Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride
  7. Cymbal 18” Sabian B8 Crash
  8. Cymbal 8” Zildjian A Extra Thin Splash

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