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Scott's Drum Setup

Italic TextThe Sizes Above are not Accurate See Below

I use exclusively PDP Drum Products. My current kit is a Pacific Drums X7 red to Black Fade. I have all 800 Series Stands and a PDP Double Bass Pedal. I use all ZBT Zildjian Cymbals and Promark 747 Sticks.

My Brushes are Vic firth Jazz Rake, Rock Rake, Steve Gadd Wire Rake and Vic Firth Jazz Brush. I also use an assortment of Vic Firth Rutes as well for various effects.

My Mallets are all Vic Firth Becken Cymbal Mallets.

All of my toys are made by LP.

All of my heads are Evans. My snare has a G1 Coated batter head and a Hazy 300 Resonant head. My mounted toms all have EC2 batters and Resonant Black heads. My Floor toms have G2 Clears and Resonant Black. My Bass Drum has a EMAD2 Batter head and a EQ3 Resonant Black front head. <br>

My Drums are as follows:

Snare - 6×14

Racked Toms

7×8 8×10 9×12 12×14

Floor Tom


Bass Drum


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