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hornes Drum Setup

Snare Drum- Yamaha- Roy Haynes Custom Copper 5”x14” Top head= Remo Weather King BlackX Bottom head= Ambassador snare

Toms Yamaha Custom Maple- Turqouise 12”x8”-12”-9”- 13”x10”- 14”x12”-18”x16’All top heads- Remo- Weather King Ebony Pinstripe bottom heads-Remo-Weather King Ebony Ambassador

Bass Drum Yamaha Maple Custom 22”x16”- Front head- Remo-Ebony Power Stroke 3 Back head- Remo- Power Sonic Bass

Cymbals- All Zildgen “A” Customs- 14” hi-hat- Crash-15” Crash-16” Crash-18”- Ride 20”- Wuhan China-12”

Latin Percussion 6” + 8” Timbales & Ridge Rider Cowbell

Axis Double Pedal Longboards and Gibralter Rack System with Gibralter Liquid Drive Hi-Hat

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