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garbageguts Drum Setup for

Everything Looks Black To Me

13×7 inch pork pie acrylic snare 12×10 inch tama rack tom* 13×11 inch tama rack tom* 16×16 inch vintage ludwig “racked” floor tom* 16×16 inch of unknown origin tuned very low 22×16 inch vintage ludwig kick (matches mounted 16 inch)* 14 inch zildjian zbt hi-hats

    w/ a secret multitude of wash hats composed
    of various things..some paiste stuff

6 inch splash of unknown origins various pot lids and metal things to also use 18 inch zildjian ride/crash of unknown model 16 inch chin-dal crash 20 inch zildjian zbt ride 21 inch paiste pst5 groove ride 13 inch volrath stainless steel cooking bowl* yamaha dd-5 drum pad run into yamaha pss-480 via midi

    for electronic sounds and effects*

pearl hat stand, tama kick pedal, gibraltar rack system

   (*indicates what is mounted to the rack)

evans black hydraulic heads except for snare and lowest 16

    inch which are remo double ply coated ambassadors(sp?)
    im not sure.....

vic firth 7AN, dave weckl evolution, or steve gadd sticks

    as well as homemade mallets and dowel based sticks, i
    have some brushes too

the snare has no snare on it and both heads are the remo

    ambassadors(sp?) dual-ply coated

the next step....simmons pads

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