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blampied Drum Setup

Spaun Drums Custom Series :: 100% Maple Shells Paiste Signature Series Cymbals With a few Ziljians Mixed in for Superstitious reasons.( Yah ok I’m Mental) No really I just like the variation. This is the kit i use for most shows. Currently With Aquarian performance II heads on batter, and Evans Ebony on the res side. I also have Drums by TAMA, LUDWIG, SLINGERLAND, LP, and thats all I can think of right now. As for harware...it’s just a messy combination of any manufacturer you can think of. Just can’t seem to bring myself to put any of it in the garbage. I can use this someday....

blampied Drum Kit Setup

  1. Snare 14×6
  2. Snare 14×3
  3. Bass Drum 22×22
  4. Tom Tom 10×10
  5. Tom Tom 12×12
  6. Tom Tom 14×14
  7. Floor Tom 16×16
  8. Floor Tom 18×18
  9. Ludwig 26” Symphonic Timpani

13” Paiste hats 10” paiste splash 13” paiste crash 17” paiste crash 20” paiste ride 18” paiste crash 18” zidjian china boy low 34” paiste symphonic gong

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