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AlterEgoDrummer Drum Setup


i play on a marine blue fade pearl session smx...i use remo roto toms on my set with remo ebony pinstripes on tops with remo control sound on the bottoms of the toms...i use stock pearl head on front and a powerstroke 3 bass head for beater...on my snare i use a remo clear pinstripe with a control sound on bottom of it...

my sizes are

  • 6 roto
  • 8 roto
  • 10 roto
  • 12 smx
  • 13 smx
  • 16 smx
  • 22 smx
  • 14 smx snare...


i play with iron cobra lever glide hi hat stand with iron cobra power glide double bass petal with the cobra clutch and the twin petal attachment i use a pearl icon front rack on my set and plan on upgrateing my boom stands to pearl 2000 serires...the double boom looks awsome...


soon i plan on getting Zildjian Z Customs or Sabian AA Metal-X but as of now i play with zildjian ZBT’s...ya i know right...wooo

  • 14in hats
  • 16in crash
  • 18in crash
  • 15in K dark crash
  • 20in ride
  • 18in china

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