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phpFox SMF integration plugin updates

This page is here to list an important updates and updater files to the SMF phpFox Integration along with some tips and tricks. The complete Integration can be obtained from HERE.

Version 1.4 Update

Version 1.4 Update brings a few adjustments for phpFox 1.6 compatibility and a reworked installation routine.

Version 1.3 Update

The updater fixes the issue with user permissions (seen on some servers) where users were not able to edit their own posts, even though they were allowed to do so from the admin panel (editing links were not showing up) few other minor bugs and updates the forum integration version to the current 1.3

To install the updater, download and unzip the ARCHIVE.

2 Files need to be modified:

the line 466 of LoginOut.php - change the domain variable with your own domain name address and save the file.

in Profile.php - lines number 230 and 253 change the domain URL to your domain URL address and save the file.

Thats it you are done...

Version 1.2 Update

Version 1.2 updater fixes the following issues:

  • User Personal Avatars from PhpFox are now the Forum user avatars. - Forum uses personal pics from user accounts at PhpFox as the default forum avatars.

Download 1.2Updater

Version 1.01 Update

Version 1.01 updater fixes the following issues:

  • User Points were set incorrectly in users profiles, and because of that points were reset if PhpFox functions that add to users points were used
  • Gender was not registrating correctly in the forums statistics

Download 1.01Updater


Disable administration security

Please note that this function (checkbox) need to be UNCHECKED if you want to be able to access your forums admin section.

Let me explain a little farther, SMF can use double protection for their admin panel, (setup via preference) - You have to disable it and it is disabled by default...

The reason for this is because SMF uses sha1 encoding for the passwords, etc. while phpFox uses MD5, so practically you can not login to the forum via the forums login windows (removed by default) - the login procedure is automatic and is done via cookies. The only account is able to see the link to the admin panel and to actually get there is the one that is setup to be the forums admin, or the Moderator. (Users ID is encrypted to the users cookie and the forum will let only the user-id that is setup to be a mod or admin to the forums admin section - just like in phpFox) If the box is unchecked the smf will ask you to re-enter your password, to login to the admin panel, but because SMF uses sha1 and not MD5 like phpFox, you will not be able to login via this window.

I did not remove the box (so that users would have less confusions) because I think that someone would have an actual use for this: Completely disabling the access to the admin panel.

What to do if I unchecked the box by mistake??

Dont panic, not all is lost ;)

Lets turn this setting on manually: Go to your PhpMyadmin

Locate the table “smf_settings”, field “securityDisable” Change from 0 to 1

That should do it.

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