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Mental Preparation

Before you pick up the sticks, it’s important to cleanse your mind of any myths or other wrongheaded notions you may have about music. First of all, don’t worry about becoming the best drummer in the world. Instead, focus on your budding relationship with music, and begin difining some basic objectives.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. would i like to become a professional or am I only intersted in music as a hobby?
  2. Is there a practical style of music that I would like to learn about?
  3. If so, what?
  4. Am I only interested in playing on a drum set or are there other percussion instruments I’d like to try?
  5. How commited am I to regular practice?

What other questions might you have? It’s important that you begin developing a keen sense for music and drumming, and asking yourself questions will help you to become more focused. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have every question answered immedeately. All you need to do is start ruminating on them. Also, remember that your answers to many of these questions will change as the weeks, months, and years go by and your skills improve.

Question? Are you saying that spontaneity is bad? there’s nothing wrong with jamming or spontaneity. That’s not the point. Certainly, there’s an elemnt to music that is born of surpise: from experementation, mistakes, brusts of inspiration, and from just throwing caution to the wind and just whacking those drums.

each week , make a list of your musical goals and see how it evolves over time. When you play drums, or any instrument for that matter, you must first realize that everything you do must be deliberate and well concieved. Mindlessly failing away on your drum set does you no good. In other words, if you don’t think about what you’re doing, your playing will reflect it. Strong performances are mostly the result of training and mental discipline. You know you’re a solid player when you have the ability to play what you want to play, rather than what just happens to come out. So for now, just concentrate on being deliberate and thoughtful in your practice. In the end, your jamming (or improvising) will be better for it. Why? You’ll be in control, not your bad habits.

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