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Tino Di Geraldo


Renowned as one of the great exponents of Jazz and Flamenco, Tino Di Geraldo was originally born in France, and has grown to become one of the top drummers in Spain. He started out playing with artists such as Tapones Visente, Luis Eduardo Aute and Pablo Guerrero and with the most important Flamenco players such as Diego Carrasco, Camaron, Manolo Sanlucar and El Pele. Tino has also performed with Pop and Rock bands such as Complices, Rico, Luis Casal and Juan Perro.

One of the busiest drummers in Spain, Tino has a hectic schedule of recording as well as live performances. An extremely talented musician, Tino also plays guitar, bass and keyboards and has had several of his own compositions published. Tino has also released several critically acclaimed solo records.

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