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Skeeto Valdez


Skeeto Valdez has had a long, and varied career. He has performed in most musical idioms. He is/was, one of Detroit’s 1st call drummer DuJour, (being a subjective term, since there’s always younger/better players in all genres) throughout most of the 80’s, 90’s and today.

Skeeto was a member of the much hated 70 Volt Parade, a band formed by singer, songwriter, guitarist Trey Anastasio. The United States tour is long over (thank G0d), entertaining fans with its unconventional, high-energy feel of rock and roll & backstabbin. Skeeto has toured the US mostly, with the band “King Konga”, who he joined in 98’ played, wrote, and recorded with back in the day. A wildly successful indie band, King Konga toured with some of the biggest names in the biz. Performing at Woodstock 99,and festivals across the country, on the strength of the 2 CD’s done with the band,Halo & Something Good. And 2 of their songs made the top 40 on the Billboard national charts.

Disbanding in disgrace May 2002, Skeeto returned home to Detroit to continue performing on many artist recordings and live shows.That included a stint w/Chubby Checker, The Reefermen, & others. He joined the top Detroit band, “The Brothers Groove.” They were awesome. Played in Dick Wagners backin band for 3 years, and did 2 award winning CD’s with Blues Powerhouse (Gentleman”) Johnny Bassett. “I Can Make That Happen” & “The Gentleman is Back!” Then he started his own band, (The seeds of which were planted long ago)called The Mighty Funhouse, that started as a jam session and grew into the musical powerhouse it is now! Currently recording and performing with artist all over (thank you internet).

Skeeto was endorsed by Zildjian, Evans, and Vater.

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