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Kozo Suganuma


A native of Osaka, Japan, Kozo Suganuma, began playing drums at the age of eight and remarkably, became a professional session player at the age of 15.

He is now a major feature of the Japanese pop scene performing with such groups as Chage and Aska, as well as also working with famous Japanese Jazz icons Hidehiko Matumoto, Makoto Ozone, and Kazumi Watanabe. Kozo has also worked with American artists such as Larry Graham and Louis Johnson.

Kozo is an extremely active player and can be found performing in small jazz venues one day and 20,000 seat auditoriums the next.

He is also an in-demand session player as well, having released 6 albums with his band “Fragile.”

Because of his amazing technique, Kozo has been given the name “The King of Many Strokes.” This title has been incorporated in several teaching videos: TE KAZ OH (”The King of Many Strokes”); ASHI KAZ OH (”The King of Many Footworks”); Kaettekita TE KAZ OH (”Return of the King of Many Strokes”); and TE KAZ OH Live Jissenhen (”Live Applications of Many Strokes”), released by Rittor Music.

A very much in demand clinician, he has been featured in many National and International percussion events.

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