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Jon Wysocki


Drummer for the mega-platinum heavy rock band Staind, Jon Wysocki has become one of the more respected and acclaimed drummers in Rock music today. Jon’s groove-oriented playing and tasteful approach to songcraft is a result of a diverse musical experience as a child and young man.

Jon’s parents always encouraged him to play music and after trying the violin, trumpet, saxophone and trombone he eventually gravitated towards his ultimate passion of drumming. Jon received his first drumset at the age of five after retiring many of his mother’s kitchen pots and pans. Mostly self-taught on drums, Jon did learn rudiments from a teacher but mostly played along to and learned the funky grooves of Stevie Wonder and Sly and the Family Stone. Some of Jon’s early Rock influences were KISS, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and groove legend Jeff Porcaro.

In 1993, the Springfield Massachusetts native met and became friends with his future bandmates Mike Mushok and Aaron Lewis. Sharing the same aspirations and goals, Jon, Mike and Aaron formed a band together with eventual bassist Johnny April. After Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit helped Jon Wysocki and his bandmates get their music in front of the President of Flip Records, Staind soon recorded their major label debut “Dysfunction.” This album quickly sold more than a million copies. After much touring performing as a support act for bands such as Sevendust, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Kid Rock and Monster Magnet, they were ready to head back into the studio. In 2001, Staind released their follow-up album with “Break the Cycle” which has helped to further establish the band as a mega-successful headlining act. Jon’s powerful groove and musical feel have helped drive Staind into the top of today’s Billboard charts. Stay tuned for more to come from this group of talented young musicians. Jon Wysocki plays an array of A Zildjian, Z Custom, A Custom and Oriental effect cymbals.

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