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John Kerr

This page represents a restored short version of biography 
of Drummer John Kerr that was published by John Kerr himself back in 2007.

Due to multiple attempts to vandalize this page, it is currently locked.

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Currently I perform and teach drum set in Quincy, MA at DiCenso’s Drum Shop and White’s Music in Attleboro, MA.

My formative training includes Classical Percussion study as a teen with Jeff Grubbs in Syracuse, NY and drum set study with Phil Ferraro (Watertown, NY); through college @ SUNY Fredonia with Kay Stonefelt and Louis Marino (Buffalo, NY); and a few years with Boston drumming guru Dave DiCenso.

I currently study marimba with the formidable Sylvie Zakarian and also play other percussion like cajon or frame drum (Middle Eastern).

Some original artists for whom I have played or recorded include: Holly Cieri, Reju, Steve Goodsell, Fragile Alex, Bill Bracken, The Flux, Grooveworks. Currently I perform with flamenco guitarist Steven Spungin.

....August 2005: my drum transcription for the Porcupine Tree song Blackest Eyes (drums, Gavin Harrison) published in the August ‘05 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.

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