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Javier Weyler


Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Javier spent his childhood in Caracas (Venezuela). This is where he got interested in music. Javier got in touch with drumming through a kit that was given to him by his dads band mate at the age of thirteen.

Javier started playing and studied drumming with Venezuelan legendary drummer Jose Mato. Soon after he started Claroscuro, his first band. By the the age of seventeen Javier was already playing professionally.

With Claroscuro, he recorded and released three productions: Claroscuro-EP (1993), El Viaje de Una Vida (1995) and Supereterodino (2000). They toured extensively sharing the stage with artists such as Alanis Morissette, Soda Stereo, Molotov and Aterciopelados.

In 2000 Javier relocates to London to work further in his music and undertake audio engineering studies. Working in a recording studio in London as an Assistant Engineer, he meets the Stereophonics and ends up playing percussion in some of the tracks of You Gotta Go There To Come Back (2003).

Sterephonics returned to the studio in March 2004 to work on the demos for their fifth album. Javier ends up playing drums and jamming along the tracks. Later that year he is asked to go into the studio to record Stereophonics fifth album. During the mixing later that year he officially becomes the new drummer for Stereophonics.

The band is currently on their world tour promoting the UKs number 1 album Language. Sex. Violence. Other (2005).

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