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Gilles Choir


Gilleshere has a good 30 year old career of Master Classes, Concerts and Sessions with artists such as Mylene Farmer, Nicole Croisille, Charles Aznavour, Yves Choir, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan, Pow Wow, Louis Bertignac, Big Al Downing, Doug Kershaw, Johnny Allan, Phil Edwards, Ahmed Mouici, Joe Porcaro, Dom Famularo, Greg Bissonette, Andre Ceccarelli, Robin Di Maggio, Claude Salmieri, Virgil Donati.

The most American of the French drummers as called is also Singer and Guitar player in his band Nex Station and with his daughter Melody. He has also written a drum method Les Cles De La Batterie

Gilles Choirs career started in the 80s with popular French artists such as Milene Farmer, Dick Rivers and Charles Aznavour. In 1989, he recorded his first album By prescription only with his brother. He joined the band Pow Wow in 1992 then the Jive Stompers with whom he played for Rock n Roll and Country legends such as Big Al Downing, Doug Kershaw or Johnnie Allan. Gilles is requested for master classes and clinics. Since 2001, he has been busy with his band Nex station and in 2002 he joined a Soul band led by Phillipe Bleuez called Soul Latitude and has been part of the recording of Michel Biancos album. Known by everyone as the more American of the French drummers, Gilles Choir is a very important figure in the international drumming world.

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