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Ernie Severino


Ernie has been playing drums, singing back-up & writing songs for the Philippines’ super-pop band Side A since 1991. The band has released multi-platinum cds, recieved numerous awards & has been touring extensively in Japan, Australia, the Middle East, the U.S., Canada & recently the U.K.

He studied percussion at the University of the Phils. College of Music. While in college, he was principal timpanist of the Phil. Youth Orchestra (PYO) and played with the Manila Symphony (MSO) & the Phil. Philharmonic (PPO). At age 23, he was percussion tutor at the 4th ASEAN Youth Music Workshop held in Singapore (1985). He also played traps for the college jazz ensemble & big band.

Ernie also did a lot of recordings & session drumming for the country’s top singers like Basil Valdez & musical director Ryan Cayabyab. His acquired discipline & maturity added to Side A’s distinct sound. Tha band has been making music for 20 years now and has just released “Gig” which reached gold in 10 days.

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