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Erik Truelove

Erik Truelove’s diverse background infuses his drumming –and his teaching–with power and passion. His love of music manifested early in life, first through the trumpet. By age 10 he was performing in junior and senior high school bands, playing jazz, concert and marching tunes. At 15, he bought his first drum set and was quickly “hooked by the beat”. Like many great drummers, Erik was initially self-taught, propelled by feeling and by fascination with the instrument. This early “playing by ear” phase gave him a keen sense for how the elements of song fit together and revolve around rhythms. He has added to that knowledge base with books, videos, college music courses and more than a decade and a half of public performing. This richness of experience colors Erik’s approach to drumming and to teaching. It is this unique intangible that he contributes every time he sits behind a kit, whether for a lesson or a professional engagement.

Erik has performed all over the United States, Germany, Austria & Mexico. In January of 2007, Erik Truelove successfully defended his Title of “The Beatnik World’s Most Accurate Drummer” that he earned previously in 2006 at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California and a 3rd time @ the Drum Corps International Finals in Pasadena California in Aug. 2007. He has recorded in Nashville, TN and has shared billing with artists including The Pointer Sisters, Belinda Carlisle, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers and Shurman. He currently lives in Tucson, Ariz. where he is a member of several popular groups including the Andy Hersey Band, an original Americana-roots rock venture and the The Mockingbirds, a quintessential Eighties cover band. Erik is frequently hired to perform both live and in the studio by many other artists.

Erik began teaching drums in 1999 while living in Seattle, both privately and at the Edmonds CyberSchool, a resource center for home-schooled children. Since 2001, Erik has owned and operated his own teaching facility the “Tucson Drum Studio”, with a full schedule of 35 students enrolled at any one time. Erik enjoys teaching almost as much as performing. He is an energetic and enthusiastic instructor, driven by a love of drumming and a desire to share the spark with others. “There’s nothing like the thrill of watching a student get it,” he says. -Carol Ann Alaimo

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