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Donnell Ramsey Jr

God has bless Donnell Ramsey Jr to play drum and still is playing for gospel,jazz, and Rb music. When Donnell was 3 year old he started playing drums for his grandma gospel group until she die in 1996. Thats when Donnell wanted to do more on the drum. Donnell plays and a member of the Church of god in chirst jesus in Roxboro NC. But he still plays for diffrent churchs.

At the age of 15 year old he started teaching the young people how to play to the drums at the triolgy music store for 4 year. He has perfromed with, The Silver Star out blanch NC, The Sanit Luke Gospel, The Spirt Traveler, The Gospel Stars, The Jazz Band from Wilmington NC, Zion Christian Center, and The Gospel Traveler out Henderson NC.

Today at the age of 18 year old Donnell has been to some studios and helping people with there music. He’s helping people NC, SC, GA, WA, NY, VA, and PA. Donnell trying to help more with young kids and young adult with the music and learning more music. Donnell favorite drummers is Teddy Campbell, Aaron Spears, Eric Moore, Eric Seat, Skeeter, Spanky, and John Blackwell.

Donnell thank god for giving him this give and to be a drum solo artist, musicicans and helping people. He’s a member of the Spaun drum comany and wants to do more for Spaun drum. He says playing spaun drum he love it good sound

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