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Darryn Farrugia


Born in Melbourne, Darryn began playing drums at an early age and received his first formal lessons at the age of six. In 1992 he was offered the drum chair for the popular TV show ‘Hey, hey it’s Saturday’ and played there till the end of 1999. During this time he had the opportunity to play behind Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Randy Crawford, Lou Rawls, Tina Arena, The Commodores and Ernie Watts to name a few.

Darryn is also busy on the session scene and has been involved in a large number of studio situations for film, TV shows, commercials and albums. In 1993 he released his instructional video ‘Focus On Practice’ which remains on the best seller list in Australia.

Darryn is currently working on an instructional book and solo album featuring Joe Chindamo, Mike Stern, Alex Pertout, Bob Berg, Craig Newman and Ben Robertson.

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