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The Australian garage rock band Jet is comprised of brothers Chris Cester (drums) and Nic Cester (guitar), together with Cameron Muncey (guitar/vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass).

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and with dreams of making it big, the foursome formed just as the new millennium was beginning. They quickly self-released the Dirty Sweet EP in 2002. The vinyl-only album, which was limited to 1,000 pressings, was an instant hit in Australia. Once they pressed 1,000 more, Jet was being touted in the U.K. An American deal with Elektra surfaced in early 2003 and the Dirty Sweet EP was released domestically.

Proof of their success came with a call halfway through recording Get Born from The Stones camp offering the band the support slot on the Australian leg of The Rolling Stones world tour.

Get Born, the bands proper studio full-length album was produced by Dave Sardy (Dandy Warhols, Marilyn Manson) at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in LA. Get Born is a reminder of rock at its most primal, vibrant and honest. We wanted to make a contemporary album, states Chris. We did not want to make a one dimensional rock n roll record either. Albums should be able to reflect all sides of your personality, which is why songs like Timothy and Radio Song are on there. We are trying to get the same amount of emotion you get when you listen to an album like Goats Head Soup. There are quieter moments and others where you just want to go crazy.

I like the idea of Get Born having two meanings adds Chris. Like Rubber Soul. It is basically a reminder to forget your problems and celebrate the moment instead. It is a rejection of all those feelings of negativity or depression you might get. It is a heartfelt thing, and that is where that primal energy comes through the music.

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