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Brian Tichy


Performing with metal guitar virtuoso, Vinnie Moore, in the early nineties was only the tip of the iceberg for Brian Tichy. After working with Vinnie Moore, Brian rocked the drums on such projects as Zakk Wylde’s Pride and Glory in 1994 and Slash’s Snakepit in 1995. Brian Tichy was growing to be known as one of the most slamming drummers in rock. For more than four years Brian worked with Steve Salas and Nicklebag, where he recorded their self-titled album and toured extensively. In 1998, his reputation brought him to work with the classic rock band Foreigner which he toured for more than one year leading him to play with rock hero, Ozzy Ozbourne in 2000. In addition to Brian’s drumming abilities, he plays guitar and sings with his band - Ball. In 1999, Ball released “The Grand Human Disaster Scenario,” in Japan.

Currently Brian is touring with Billy Idol, with whom who co-wrote several tracks on Billy’s latest release, “Devil’s Playground” and he also plays on Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s latest release “The Place You’re In”.

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