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Abe Cunningham


Abe Cunningham, drummer for the Deftones, was born on July 27, 1973. He is married to Annalynne who sang backup MX on Around the Fur. The foursome actually met while skateboarding in their hometown of Sacramento, CA. Abe got his musical education while practicing drums with his step-dad, who along with his father was a musician. His influences are the Police’s Stewart Copeland, Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell.

With their intense fusion of metal, punk and hip-hop, the Deftones enjoyed the local support of Korn and shared with them the following of the skateboard crowd. With their wicked rhythms, sinister riffs, speaking-in-tongues lyrics, they’ve proven to be one of the major innovators of the hip-hop/hardcore/metal sound that is slowly gaining popularity in the mainstream.

Abe, the original drummer of the band, left to join Phallacy, a strange sounding, jazzy, funk band, who he idolized since high school. After a change in drummers, Abe returned to the Deftones and has been a permanent fixture ever since.

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