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Wacey Wilke

Wacey Wilke is a young drummer that has alot going for him. He grew up in a small town in South Texas called Petersville ( very close to Yoakum ). He started showing interest in the drums with he was 14 and he is now 18 and has the skills of someone who has been playing for years. After teaching himself to play the drums, he found a teacher in the local area of Victoria and has become good friends with his instructor and as his instructor said “Eventhough he has only been playing for 2 years (at the time) he has the dedication, focus, and serious skill of someone who has been playing for 10+ years. It’s a joy to have someone like him to come and jam with you, I find myself learning some fillers from him and using it in my own bands music.”

Wacey has made up his mind and has decided to join us fellow drummers at the thrown of musicians. His first set was bought at a local pawn shop and he has evolved on that very set to what he is today. He has a new set and is working on an endorsement deal with Ddrum. He now has the new 2008 redisigned and rerevolutionized Ddrum Diablo 5-peice punx kit. He uses Paiste cymbals and Ddrum dominion hardware with attack drum heads.

This young drummer has a very good chance of making “music in the money business” Its for certain that he is headed somewhere with his dreams.

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