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Hopkinsville Kentucky native Steve Gorman began drumming in school in the fourth grade by playing snare in his school elementary band. Like so many others, Steve was initially inspired and moved when he first listened to the Beatles. After he was given the records “Meet the Beatles”, “Help” and “Rubber Souls”, Steve knew he wanted to be a drummer in a rock and roll band. To this day Ringo Starr is Steve’s favorite drummer. Being a big fan of “musical drumming”, Steve was also influenced early on by the playing of John Bonham and Charlie Watts.

When Steve attended college at Western Kentucky University he still found time to play, practice and stay in touch with music.

In February of 1987, Steve got serious about music as a career as he moved to Atlanta Georgia. While in Atlanta he became good friends with Chris Robinson and his brother Rich. When the Robinson brothers lost their drummer Jeff Sullivan to the band Drivin’ and Cryin’, Steve was asked to sit in and play on “Mr. Crowes Garden’s” demo session for A&M records. The rest, as they say, is history. For fifteen years and nine albums Steve provided the effortless groove and tasteful fills to the music of The Black Crowes. His rhythmic style is very reminiscent of the late John Bonham and is the perfect compliment to the songwriting style of Chris and Rich Robinson. Steve’s playing on the band’s multi-platinum debut “Shake Your Money Maker” helped establish The Black Crowes as a serious headlining act.

Steve and the band spent the Fall of 2001 touring in support of their latest album “Lions”. In early 2002, Steve decided to leave the band to pursuit other avenues and has relocated to Los Angeles.

Steve spent 2004 on the road with the U.K. band Stereophonics. Steve’s playing can also be heard on recent releases such as Truman’s Payne Avenue, Warren Zevon’s final studio recording “The Wind”, Jack Casady’s “Dream Factor” and Joe Firstman’s “The War Of Women”.

In 2005, Steve rejoined the reformed Black Crowes and the band has never sounded better.

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