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Scott Phillips


Formerly of Creed and now a member of Alter Bridge, Scott Phillips epitomizes the role of today’s modern rock drummer.

During their eight years and three albums together, (”My Own Prison”, “Human Clay” and “Weathered”) Creed accomplished countless rock and roll landmarks, selling over 30 million albums worldwide. With their unprecedented radio success and captivating live shows, Creed was one of the most successful acts to rule the charts in the last decade.

In late 2003, after disbanding Creed, former Creed songwriter and guitarist Mark Tremonti decided to join forces with Scott, original Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four singer/songwriter Myles Kennedy. The new band, Alter Bridge, released their debut album in the summer of 2004, touring around the world to support its release.

“Creed was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I was really excited to start over and do something new and fresh as well. The most significant things that we’ve taken from the Creed experience are the lessons that we learned. We truly believe that the decisions we’ve made for our future are the right ones. After writing, recording and touring behind the first Alter Bridge album, we are confident that we’ve made the right choices,” said the enthusiastic Phillips.

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