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Rob Brown

Rob Brown is a Toronto based drummer, clinician and drum event producer. Rob has been playing for almost 20 years and is a self taught musician who has been very active in Toronto’s contemporary Christian music scene, playing with many artists including Aileen Lombardo, Mark Masri, Shinghai and has performed on the SHAI Awards and the Canadian Gospel Music Awards ceremonies with R&B artist Hetti Marie. Rob began his own event production company in 2005, R.A. Brown Productions, to present innovative drum events designed to entertain, educate and inspire musicians of all levels to continue to develop their craft. His first two events, Drums Live! and three man tag drum clinic Rhythm in the Round have both been well attended and well received with exposure in DRUMS Etc.magazine and Breakfast Television.

Drums – Live! is an annual show that not only celebrates the art of drumming, but also is the first of its kind in the Toronto area. As popularity of the show grows, he’s hoping it will join the ranks of the Montreal and Cape Breton drum fests.

R.A. Brown Productions’ website can be found at Drums - Live!


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