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Neill Ettridge was born and raised in Sussex, England. During his school years he received instruction from two of Londons premier drummers, Mike Grigg and Phil Solomon.

Upon leaving school, he continued studies at the Drum Institute in London and commenced playing in a number of diverse musical situations in the region including BBC TV and Radio Big Band engagements. Along with a 6-month spell as resident shipboard drummer for P&O and Cunard, Neill also spent some time touring across the U.K and Europe with Jazz-Fusion band New Vintage and U.S.A Soul group The Tymes.

On arriving in Southern Africa in the late 80s principally to back various visiting British and American artists such as Percy Sledge, Frankie Vaughn, O.C.Smith, George Williams, The New Seekers and Harry Bellefonte, Neill decided to come to South Africa and continue freelance and studio work after completion of these contracts.

Along with an extensive workshop schedule, Neill has undertaken numerous music projects, including tours of Eastern Europe with the Light Years Jazz Quartet, supporting John McLaughlin at the Gdansk Jazz Festival and Moscow Conservatoire as well as participating in the Hong Kong Handover and Frankfurt Music Festival concerts representing South Africa with Mango Groove, and a world tour as drummer for the Soweto String Quartet.

Core work in S.A includes TV music shows and radio/television commercial jingles, record projects and live concerts with artists and producers such as Mango Groove, Africa Mkize, SSQ, The Light Years Jazz Quartet, Vicky Sampson, Mauritz Lotz, Johan Laas, Denzil Weale and Wessel Van Rensburg, and also work with a number of the Johannesburg-based orchestras. As a member of Jerry Springers Saturday Night house band, Neill has backed numerous other South African and international recording artists.

He also features as backing musician in both the Idols and Project Fame TV series, playing alongside Earth Wind and Fire in the recent finals.

Neill embarked on a tour of the U.S in March 2005 as drummer/percussionist with one of South Africas top vocal groups and has recently returned from a month-long series of concerts all over Europe with leading U.S Vocal artist, Joe Clarke.

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