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Mercedes Lander


Mercedes Lander was born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada in 1984. At the age of 12 Mercedes, along with her sister, founded the all girl heavy metal band Kittie.

Mercedes was 15 when Kittie recorded and released their first Album “Spit” which was met with critical acclaim. Following on the success of “Spit”, 2002 saw the release of their sophomore effort entitled “Oracle”. To date, Kittie has sold over 1/6 million albums Worldwide.

Mercedes and Kittie have toured extensively, playing with such notable acts as Slipknot, have co-headlined 2nd Stage at Ozzfest 2000, co-headlined Snowcore 2000 and performed on the Conan O’Brien Show. Along the way they have been featured in numerous music magazines garnering critical acclaim and winning fans.

Mercedes has managed to stand out in the very competitive world of metal drumming. Steve Thompson (Guns and Roses, Appetite for Destruction, Korn, Follow the Leader) who produced their 3rd album entitled “Until the End”, is quoted as saying “I’ve worked with a lot of rock bands in the guy department that couldn’t hold a candle to Mercedes’ style and timing. I mean it is very rare when you can work with a drummer, who doesn’t require a click track. I hate click tracks.”

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